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When will Arizona’s political ads end?

by AZPSC News Feed

It’s Election Day eve in the United States!

In Arizona, that means a merciful end to the political ads that have been inundating your televisions for months now.

We’ve seen name-calling, mudslinging, and in one case, a real genuine accusation of treason. A candidate’s own family came out against him.

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As someone who reads Facebook messages sent to 12 News and answers our phones, I can verify Arizonans are FED UP with all the negative ads. Those of us who work in news and have local news stations on TV screens all over our offices are also at our wit’s end.

But there is good news!

Our programming and ad sales personnel tell me that the final political ad slated to air on 12 News is a pro-Doug Ducey or anti-David Garcia spot from the Republican Governors Association set for 3:08 p.m. Tuesday.

Advertisers probably figure that anyone who’s at home watching TV after that time has already voted or already made up their mind.

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And that seems like a good bet, because Arizona has a recent history of issues and delays at the polls, meaning those who try to go vote after 3 or 4 p.m. could be fighting an uphill battle.

So if you’re watching Ellen and you see the Ducey ad in the second break, you can relax knowing it’s the last you’ll see on our air in 2016.

We’re relieved too.

If you stick with us throughout the first political ad-free evening (Election Night), we’ll have all kinds of coverage for you on air, on 12news.com, on our Facebook page and in the 12 News app.

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