Senate challenger Morgaine feels voters’ voices aren’t being heard | Kingman Daily Miner | Arizona Public Safety Coalition

Senate challenger Morgaine feels voters’ voices aren’t being heard | Kingman Daily Miner

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KINGMAN – J’aime Morgaine made a name for herself when she filed a lawsuit against Congressman Paul Gosar, R-Arizona, for blocking her comments from his Facebook page, and she’s putting it out there now as Democratic candidate for Arizona state senator.

Morgaine said she’s not a politician; she’s a political activist who doesn’t feel elected officials are listening to their constituents and addressing the issues at hand.

At the top of her list is the water issue. Mohave County residents have been complaining for years about developers and venture capitalists purchasing land ostensibly for agricultural purposes and dropping wells into aquifers with diminishing groundwater supply.

“The county Board of Supervisors throws their hands in the air and says there’s nothing we can do, and yet that’s the job of legislators to change these laws,” Morgaine said during an interview at the Daily Miner.

“They’re 100-year-old, antiquated, outdated water laws and need to be changed. If Sonny won’t do it, I will. Why would you support a legislator who has introduced zero pieces of legislation to change water rights laws, to protect our water?”

Morgaine is challenging incumbent Sonny Borrelli, R-Lake Havasu City, for the Legislative District 5 senate seat.

An Army veteran who worked in communications and is accompanied by her service dog, Carry Ann, Morgaine said district representatives have failed the people on public education and water sustainability.

In his six years as state representative and senator, Borrelli has failed to change water rights laws, allowing foreign investors and corporations to “suck aquifers dry” for commercial agriculture, Morgaine said.

He also received a failing grade from the Arizona Education Association for his voting record on funding public education.

“Constituents’ needs aren’t being met,” the Democratic challenger asserted. “With public education, our students aren’t being served by Arizona legislators. All three of our representatives and senator received a failing grade.”

Morgaine, who earned her GED and then pursued a master’s degree in family counseling, said the lawsuit against Gosar and all the publicity that followed was the result of one person who refused to walk away.

“I believe that one person can and does make a difference and I’m that one person,” she said. “I’ll stand up and fight when I know I can make a difference. People don’t do anything when they can’t make a difference, but I know I can, so I do.

“Gosar was relentless on the other side, but that lawsuit forced him to unblock hundreds of constituents and that’s when one person can and does make a difference against silencing of constituents,” she added.

As a Democrat, Morgaine realizes she’s up against long odds with Mohave County’s heavy registration of Republican voters, but her issues are common to all people.

“Water, education, health care … it doesn’t matter what party you are,” she said. “I will show up, listen, return phone calls and hold regular town hall meetings in every community, even our remote rural areas.”

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