FBI training local law enforcement on child abduction response tactics

by AZPSC News Feed

TUCSON, Ariz. – Local law enforcement is working with the FBI for specialized training to keep kids safe.

Tuesday, local police departments in the Arizona Child Abduction Response Team (CART) will set up their command posts  and run mock kidnapping scenarios to be better prepared to work together when a child gets kidnapped. CART is a partnership between state, local, federal government agencies.

These trainings are so important because it’s a race against the clock to safely recover a kidnapped child.

Local law enforcement will learn how to best canvass neighborhoods and look for suspects or information, how to tell if a kidnapping report is a hoax or real, and how to look through social media for clues to a child’s whereabouts.

This will be the largest training yet for the Southern Arizona CART with nearly half a dozen agencies participating. 

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