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El Mirage Police Campaign UPDATE! 11-7-17

On October 17, 2017 the El Mirage City Council, by majority vote, made the right decision for all the right reasons to terminate City Manager Spencer Isom.

by John Q Public Safety

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The El Mirage Police Employee’s Association (EMPEA) members, following its recent EMPEA member survey, began a confidence vote on City Manager Spencer Isom. The unexpected agenda Item offered by Mayor Mook for the termination of City Manager Isom during the October 17th 2017 Council meeting, and the subsequent “yes” vote by the majority, caused the voting process to be terminated prior to 100% member participation.

The voting was closed with 87.09% EMPEA member participation.

Spencer Isom

The El Mirage City
Council ousted City Manager Spencer Isom in a 4-2 vote.

The results of the EMPEA confidence vote and selected comments are offered, edited for brevity, by its membership to demonstrate that the Council majority did in fact make the right choice.

Q1: Do you have confidence in City manager Spencer Isom’s ability to manage El Mirage City Government in the best interest of the Citizens?

Yes: 3.7%

No: 96.3%                                NO = 96.3%

*Responses to Q 1 from EMPEA members included the following:

“I have zero confidence in his intent, not his ability. The man is very intelligent and has proven to be quite resourceful, but at the same time has proven himself be very untrustworthy.”

“Like a typical politician, he speaks favorably of us in public, but berates us privately behind the scenes…”

…“he continues to fill his own pockets with unheard of, exorbitant raises and benefits of which a city our size should not be extending to him. Isom wanted a YMCA and did everything in his power to make it happen even if it meant misleading the city council and making back door deals.”

“Isom is all about his own interests. The City of El Mirage is Isom’s playground, free to do what he pleases.”

“Dr. Isom manages the city in his own best interest and often uses public safety as his own personal police department.”

“Dr. Isom manages the city with a chip on his shoulder and proves his decisions are based on his personal agenda, not what the citizens need and want.”


Q2: Do you have confidence in City manager Spencer Isom’s ability to maintain and oversee Police Department operations?

Yes: 0%

No: 100%                                 NO = 100%

*Responses to Q 2 from EMPEA members included the following:

“After he got caught cheating officers on overtime pay and had to pay back over time, he made up the cost and took revenge by taking away almost all of our firearms training to save money. This endangered the public and police officers. Using officer’s safety as political revenge is disgusting. That alone should have cost him his job.”


“…Isom… a man with zero experience in law enforcement operations. As a result, training and overtime has been slashed and are almost nonexistent under Isom. The number and quality of officers has steadily decreased under Isom.”

“If Isom’s goal is to run the department into the ground and have the sheriff’s office take it over again he is doing an outstanding job.”

“City Manager Isom uses the Police against his own neighbors. The only person(s) cited in El Mirage for fireworks is the City Manager’s neighbors, after he had a verbal confrontation with them… City Manager Isom directed the officer, via the Chief and chain of command, to go back and cite the citizen. That is a clear abuse of power. Should anyone think that statement is not true DR: E16070230…City Manager ego cost that poor family over $1000.00 in fines.”

“Since waging war against the union, he has single-handedly taken total control over the PD to include our budget, training, promotions…., so the PD as a whole suffers. This has led to poor morale in the department… It’s an embarrassment that our crime rate is only second to Glendale among west valley cities. This should be very concerning to citizens.”

“I do not feel like he supports police service and/or operations. He does not focus or even show any interest in helping our police department defend the citizens of El Mirage from the gangs…, or drugs that are very prevalent within our community.” 


Q3: Do you believe that City manager Spencer Isom supports and values you and your contributions to the City?

Yes: 3.7%

No: 96.3%                               NO = 96.3%

*Responses to Q 3 from EMPEA members included the following:

“The police department has quality officers that do a good job on a daily basis. The city manager is quick to dismiss the work we do and maintain the stance that we don’t have a crime problem in our city. The only time the city manager acknowledges there is a crime problem in our city is when he seeks special enforcement activity for something that happens near his home.”


“Dr. Isom has shown ZERO interest in the countless hours… time and energy officers have spent away from their families. Dr. Isom will not recognize this because the PD is the enemy to him and he will never praise this.”


Q4: Do you have confidence in City manager Spencer Isom’s overall leadership abilities?

Yes: 7.41%

No: 92.59%                                  NO = 92.59%

*Responses to Q4 from EMPEA members included the following:

“The way he openly bullies council members that disagree, with the mayor’s.., is an embarrassment to democracy. It is unbelievable… mayor {allows} him to do this. He proudly leads with intimidation, bullying, and cronyism. He proudly displays this twisted leadership style by openly displaying the preferential treatment… trying to humiliate others that merely disagree with him. The City-wide emails he sends bashing council members should be enough for the council to fire him for insubordination.”

“He has not proven that he can lead. What he has proven is that he can bully councilmen and manipulate people that are in decision making positions.”


El Mirage City Mayor Lana Mook

El Mirage City Mayor Lana Mook is willing to go to great lengths to keep her own personal agenda in place.

 In closing:

The EMPEA wishes to express, in the strongest of terms, the obstructionist actions taken by Mayor Mook and City Attorney Robert Hall are not in the best interest of the City.  Their continued blocking of legal agenda items from being placed on Council Agenda for action is undemocratic and keeps the citizens’ duly elected representatives from moving forward with City business.

The Mayor and City Attorney’s actions can only be seen as an extension of the bullying and demonstrate the lengths to which Mayor Mook is willing to go to keep her own personal agenda in place.


Respectfully submitted for public review,

EMPEA Executive Board




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