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El Mirage Police Campaign – Issue #1

El Mirage Officer Survey Reveals “Horrible” Morale and Difficult Working Conditions

by John Q Public Safety

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During the May 16, 2017 El Mirage City Council meeting the El Mirage Police Employee’s Association submitted a survey of 30 El Mirage Police Officers to the council.  The results of the survey demonstrate an overwhelming dissatisfaction with city management and officer morale described as, “Horrible, hard to work under current conditions.”

Over the next week, the Arizona Public Safety Coalition (AzPSC) will illustrate some of the concerns from El Mirage officers and residents.  Until then, please consider some of the results from the survey –

  • When officers were asked to consider the 2017-2018 Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that dictates officer pay and benefits, 90% of the officers surveyed issued a vote of abstention which was defined as, “…no confidence in City staff or command staff, based on lack of concern for safety of officers, sub par pay, un safe (sic) working conditions and lack of training.”
  • When officers were asked, “Do you believe your current pay is comparable to other valley agencies” 80% responded “No” 

    El Mirage Police Association Survey

    El Mirage Officer Survey Reveals “Horrible” Morale and Difficult Working Conditions  CLICK TO VIEW SURVEY

  • In the last eight months 14.8% of patrol officers, with an average of 8.5 years of experience, voluntarily left the department. That number does not include terminations or retirements.
  • When officers were asked, “What is your primary concern for the current circumstances and working conditions at the El Mirage PD?”  Officers responded:
    1. Safety – 76.67 %
    2. Wages – 73.33%
    3. Career Opportunities – 63.33%

And most concerning were these two responses –

  • When officers were asked, “Do you intend to apply with other agencies in the next 24 months?” 56.67% responded “Yes”
  • When officers were asked, “How would you rate morale at the department?”
    1. Below average – 48.28%
    2. Horrible, hard to work under current conditions – 41.38%

The residents inside the City of El Mirage cannot afford a police force made up of dissatisfied officers nor a turnstile of officers coming into and leaving the city.

See more news on the El Mirage Police Association survey at this link – Tensions Rise Between El Mirage Police Association, City


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